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Professional resources for primary care nurses

Our portfolio of resources aims to support nurses working in primary care with patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system across the UK.
June Davison, Senior Cardiac Nurse, British Heart Foundation

"I am a cardiac nurse who has spent ten years in the NHS caring for heart patients. I have worked for the BHF since 2003, helping to improve the quality of information and support for heart patients. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system across the UK.

"We provide care to patients at the frontline: supporting them, their families and carers through difficult times in their lives – whilst providing high quality care in both the primary and acute sectors.

"I hope you find a wealth of resources here which will prove useful to you in practice. Our range of prevention and care publications containing vital heart health information for you to pass on to your patients."

June Davison RN BSc (Hons)
Senior Cardiac Nurse, British Heart Foundation

Latest clinical updates for primary care nurses

We regularly publish clinical articles relevant to primary care nurses and other healthcare professionals in News and Analysis. Learn more about the BHF's work to improve best practice in the NHS and stay up to date with the latest in cardiovascular care.

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Top service innovation resources for primary care nurses

The BHF is committed to finding new and innovative ways of delivering and supporting the best possible care for patients with cardiovascular disease.

We want to ensure the best evidence-based services are put into practice, and we want to help healthcare professionals and commissioners all over the UK to do the same. That's why we have organised several pilot programmes with the NHS directly relevant to primary care nurses caring for patients with cardiovascular disease and high-risk conditions.

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Upcoming events

Our Events page lists upcoming professional events and conferences in cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and management at which the BHF is planning to attend or present.

Featured resources for your patients

Understanding Risk series

We've designed a new, streamlined collection of leaflets and booklets focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Our new Understanding Risk series covers main risk factors of heart and circulatory diseases. We explain to your patients what these are, how these happen and how these can lead to heart attack or stroke.

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Featured resource: Taking Control series

These leaflets explain the link between certain lifestyle choices and circulatory disease i.e. explaining how a diet high in salt can lead to a stroke. They also provide top tips for simple, small changes you can make to help keep your heart healthy.

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