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Making your case

To make your case, you will need to describe the background to the service and define the needs you want to address.

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Describe the background

Prepare a section describing the background to the service, including details of your current service provision such as:

  • whole-time staffing equivalents and cost
  • how often the service is provided
  • opening times of departments
  • locality
  • other services it interacts with, e.g. the coronary care unit, rapid access chest pain clinic, echo departments or ambulance service
  • the span of the service including community and primary care, secondary and tertiary care
  • service cost per patient who will benefit from the proposal (the unit cost)
  • other relevant data such as waiting times, numbers of patients per annum and new developments that will impact on the service.

Define the need

Describe what specific local issues you wish to address – and how. You could demonstrate innovative solutions or replicate practice and service models that have been shown to be effective. Provide a summary of evidence-based literature on which you are modelling your case and note the results of any patient and public involvement, such as local Healthwatch organisations.

You should outline the risk of not doing what is proposed, and sum up the risk compared with the potential benefit. Before you start, think carefully about:

  • what you want to achieve
  • how you know your project will improve services
  • how you will resource the improvement
  • the context or environment you are working in and the relevant national and local government targets.

More on building evidence for your business case

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