Patient information and support

The BHF produces hundreds of free leaflets, booklets and online resources to support your patients, their carers and families.

We cover heart conditions, tests and treatments, advice on making healthy lifestyle choices, plus information for people caring for someone with heart disease.

Our Heart Helpline is available for patients, carers or family members who want to speak to a cardiac nurse. We also run nearly 250 support groups across England and Wales.

Heart Matters is our award-winning magazine that your patients can receive for free.

And you can signpost your patients to our support programmes for young people with heart conditions.

Our simple guide to all the services we offer, You can count on us, is available to download or order now.

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Stack of 3 resources about conditions

We produce a range of resources to support patients who have been diagnosed with a heart condition or experienced a heart event.

Our range of resources includes:

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Tests and treatments

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From angiograms to tilt tests, we provide information to patients about the tests they might receive, as well as treatment such as medicine and surgery.

Our range of resources includes:

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Risk factors and lifestyle

Stack of 3 resources on preventing heart disease

Information on risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, such as smoking, diet and stress, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Children and young people

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Resources aimed at children and young people to help them understand their heart condition, and for parents to support their children.

Our range of resources includes:

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