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BHF welcomes healthcare professionals

Our new online hub offers easier access to a broad range of information, articles, tools and resources for you and your patients.

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Being a healthcare professional today brings many challenges, time chief among them. That’s why we’ve been redesigning our web pages so they’re accessible and to give at-a-glance access to the information and resources you need.

For highlights straight to your inbox, we’ve launched a monthly email newsletter for healthcare professionals: serving the best of our content alongside alerts about new and updated patient resources, upcoming events, learning and development opportunities and more.

So what’s changed?

Insights on CVD

To start with, we aim to give you real insight about the NHS and cardiovascular disease care via regular blog updates, in-depth features exploring new trends and tackling key issues, profiles of inspirational champions of patient care, and rich infographics about the challenges and opportunities in heart and circulatory disease.

All giving you the information to better understand today’s healthcare landscape.

The Latest tab shows our newest articles and information, and is updated throughout the week. Check back here to see what’s new.

Alliance members’ area

If you’re an Alliance member, we have a brand new Members’ area. You are an essential part of the fight for every heartbeat, so we wanted to create a community hub where you can find out the latest about your membership, access learning and development grants and enter our annual awards.

Meanwhile, Patient support guides you through the BHF’s portfolio of booklets, leaflets and online information for your patients. Now with a visual upgrade, this section provides quick access to some of our most popular patient resources as well as our searchable Publications library. And we have further plans for this area in future.

Clinical tools for your practice

The Clinical tools tab offers professional resources for you and your team, filtered according to profession. At present we’re offering resources tailored to nurses, GPs, community practitioners and pharmacists, but we hope to extend this offering during 2018.

You can also learn about how the BHF invests in service redesign, and download resources to support the adoption of best practice across the NHS, in our brand-new Commissioning and services area. Access our extensive Business Case Toolkit, follow the latest on our Blood Pressure Award Programme and study the challenge of medical risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) facing the UK in our CVD Challenge series.

Lastly, we want to support your professional development and have created a section dedicated to furthering your learning. We’ll be delivering more resources in this space in the coming months, so check back soon.

Staying in touch

As mentioned, you’ll get highlights from the above by signing up our new healthcare professionals email newsletter, presented with a fresh new design that looks great on your mobile.

Anyone who previously received our Heart Health Resources email will now receive our new healthcare professionals newsletter. It will provide all the resources updates you are used to, plus a range of new content that we think you’ll be interested in.

Professionals subscribed to Heart Matters will soon receive this new email newsletter as well, in addition to the magazine’s emails.

And if you’re an Alliance member, you’ll receive a special edition of this new email newsletter. This will include tailored content about your membership scheme: from new profiles celebrating members’ achievements, to details of upcoming events and learning opportunities accessible via the programme.

I hope you find something of interest in our new website area, and remember to sign up for our emails to stay up to date. If you have any thoughts, feelings or feedback on anything mentioned above, please get in touch.

From the team here at the BHF, we look forward to supporting you and your patients in 2018.

Signature of Steve Robinson, Editor for Healthcare Professionals



Steve Robinson
Editor, Healthcare Professionals

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