How to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points with the BHF

CPD logoHealthcare professionals are vital if we are to beat heartbreak forever. As part of our drive to empower and equip you with knowledge of the best practice of CVD management, we have become a member of the CPD accreditation service.

What is CPD?

There is talk about revalidation for nurses and these resources are really helpful to have.

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CPD consists of any structured educational activity which helps professionals develop knowledge, technical skills and maintain performance standards with the objective of providing better healthcare. It includes activities such as attending courses, conferences and workshops, as well as self-directed activities such as directed reading. Healthcare professionals require a number of CPD points accumulated over a fixed period in order to demonstrate evidence of their professional development to their relevant clinical bodies.

We are now developing resources that are CPD certified, allowing you as part of our community of healthcare professionals to benefit and develop your professional portfolio.

Claiming your CPD

To claim your CPD points from one of our certified resources, please complete our online form.

If you attended the BCS 2016 conference, please answer our short survey to claim your CPD attendance certificate.

If you have any queries please email us at [email protected]