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National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our annual audit offers statistics, insights and recommendations to improve the performance of cardiac rehabilitation programmes in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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The National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation (NACR) is a BHF strategic project supporting cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation services to achieve the best possible outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease, irrespective of where they live.

The audit, funded by the BHF and hosted by the University of York, collects anonymous data from almost 100,000 patients in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. It gives a comprehensive picture of who takes part in, and the quality of, cardiac rehabilitation programmes.

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Key findings from NACR 2018

  • 50% of eligible people started cardiac rehabilitation (a one percentage point decrease compared to the 2017 report)
  • 76% of the patients who started cardiac rehabilitation completed it
  • Of the people who started CR, 29% were women and 71% were men
  • 82% of patients took up group-based cardiac rehabilitation, and only 10% took up home-based options
  • Only 40% of people from areas of high deprivation start cardiac rehabilitation, compared to 54% from areas of low deprivation.

Recommendations from NACR 2018

  1. Recruit more female patients 
  2. Ensure that CR programmes are better tailored to the needs of female patients
  3. Carry out a comprehensive CR assessment prior to, and on completion of, CR
  4. Offer facilitated home-based modes of CR delivery for all CVD patients, including those with heart failure
  5. Ensure programmes are working to certification standards and aim to secure certified status for the delivery of CR

For all statistics and recommendations, download the full 2019 report or our summary booklet, Cardiac rehabilitation: the big picture.

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