Service innovation: giving you the evidence to improve care

We are committed to finding new and innovative ways of delivering and supporting the best possible care to patients with heart and circulatory disease.

We want to ensure the best evidence-based services are put into practice, and we want to help healthcare professionals and commissioners all over the UK to do the same.

Our ambition

Golden nuggets of information and learning, this is the kind of information we need in our busy schedules.

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More consistent, high-quality management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) care and efficient integration of services is vital for saving the NHS money long-term. It will also give patients with heart and circulatory conditions and their carers the optimum experience of care, by streamlining their care and improving their quality of life.

We want to ensure the best clinically effective models of care are available across the UK, and help you to: 

  • achieve better clinical outcomes
  • improve patient experience
  • improve cost effectiveness
  • increase productivity
  • streamline care
  • integrate services
  • reduce hospital admissions
  • provide more care in the community
  • support self-management.

Setting the best example

This helps us to think about how services can be delivered in different ways.

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Our service innovation portfolio is an expanding range of innovative online and print resources and tools, summarising the externally evaluated evidence of our pilots, including the outcomes, the patient experience and the cost savings.

This provides healthcare professionals, managers, policy makers, clinical service providers and commissioners with the economical, statistical and clinical evidence needed in order to push for either the re-design of an existing service, or the introduction of these best practice services within a trust.

Our programme to deliver intravenous diuretics in the community, adopted by NICE guidance as a QIPP case study, is just one of the great ways we are supporting evidence-based best practice in services.

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