A legacy for sustained care and support planning

The five sites funded to deliver care and support planning in the BHF House of Care programme have left a lasting legacy.


We asked sites to tell us if they would sustain the changes they made during the programme. All sites strongly favoured continuing care and support planning and most sites intend to expand it to a wider population of patients with long-term conditions (LTCs) or to neighbouring practices and health economies.

NHS Lothian

1-in-5 Lothian practices received information and training about House of Care

Individual practices are beginning to include additional LTCs. At site level, the Lothian House of Care Collaboration is rolling out wider care and support planning training. Work is ongoing to integrate the care and support planning approach with secondary care (initially in cardiac rehabilitation) and to engage other healthcare professionals such as pharmacists.

NHS Tayside

Seven Tayside practices have adopted care and support planning

Seven practices are using a care and support planning approach, a further 14 have received staff training and four of these are planning to introduce the House of Care framework (three for people with heart and circulatory diseases). Most practices felt care and support planning would be sustained in practices where it was already in place.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Three trainers are now in place to deliver care and support planning training

Care and support planning is live in 14 practices and they have secured a year’s funding to continue the project manager role. Three quality-assured trainers are already in place to support further work. The team is considering whether GP Cluster Leads could play a greater role in driving the spread of care and support planning.

NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG

100% of practices in Gateshead now use care and support planning

All 32 practices across Gateshead are implementing the House of Care for multiple LTCs. Six Gateshead trainers are in place to deliver quarterly top-up training and bespoke support to practices, and the team is producing a film about care and support planning to share the approach more widely.

NHS Hardwick CCG

1,483 people received a care and support planning review

Eleven out of 18 practices have adopted the House of Care framework and some practices are extending care and support planning to include people with other LTCs. The prevalence of LTCs and a strong local track record of person-centred care made care and support planning a priority for this site and more widely across Derbyshire. 

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