Next steps for adopting care and support planning

We want the legacy of this programme to lead to sustained change in NHS care across the UK. That starts with you.

Commissioner, professional and patient 

Healthcare professionals

If you are a front-line healthcare professional, share what you’ve learnt with colleagues and local patient groups. Discuss how this approach could benefit your patients. Speak to your local health board or commissioning group about whether this approach is being trialled in your area and whether your team can get involved. If it isn’t, ask for this to be considered.


As a healthcare commissioner, planner or clinical lead, reach out to colleagues in our Health Services Engagement team (see Contacts and Further Information section) to discuss how this approach could work for your population and what you’d need to get this started. You can also speak to the Year of Care Partnerships about the support they can provide.


If you’re a patient or a member of a patient group, ask your local general practice whether they would consider adopting care and support planning. Help to spread the word about how this approach can deliver better, person-centred care. Learn more about what this approach means for your care in our Information and Support section

Find out more

Visit our other webpages about the House of Care for more information, and access the Year of Care Partnerships website for a wealth of resources around care and support planning and the House of Care.

You’ll find inspiration, evidence and useful advice for everything from making the case for change to getting started with your own programme or maintaining an ongoing initiative.

Join the debate on social media, including in our LinkedIn Group for healthcare professionals. Learn from the experiences of others and share challenges and successes.

It’s in your hands.

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