Blood Pressure Award Programme

Learn about the British Heart Foundation’s Blood Pressure Award Programme, including the aims, eligibility criteria and how to apply.



The BHF’s Blood Pressure Award Programme provides funding for health organisations to develop, test and implement community schemes to improve the detection and management of high blood pressure across the UK.

Programme aims

The award programme’s goals are to:

  • increase the detection and management of people who have undiagnosed high blood pressure
  • increase accessibility to blood pressure testing in wider community settings
  • increase support for patient self-management and self-testing of blood pressure in the population to become routine practice
  • add to the evidence base on effective detection and management of high blood pressure and provide examples of the impact of programmes that have been implemented into practice through external evaluation.

Latest funding round

The first round of funding opened in September 2016 and the successful organisations are now in the setup phase as of Autumn 2017.

A second round of funding was launched in early October. Interested organisations meeting the eligibility criteria who attended a briefing event and registered interest within the deadline are currently completing applications.

Unfortunately, organisations who did not attend an event and register interest are now unable to complete an application.

Applications will close on Wednesday 14 March, with the assessment process taking place until mid-July when successful organisations will be awarded.

Further information is available in the briefing document.