Ongoing support for heart patients showcased in new-look leaflet

Make sure your patients know how they can get support from the BHF with an updated guide to our services.

7 November 2018, by Siobhan Chan

New-look leaflet details BHF patient support

Are you aware of all the ways the BHF can support your patients?

To keep you up-to-date, we’ve updated our guide to the services we provide, including our Heart Helpline, heart support groups and patient magazine Heart Matters.

The new-look leaflet explains how we can help, whichever way a patient wants support – whether online, by telephone or via face-to-face meetings with peers.

The resource will be useful for your patients who are in need of additional support, all presented in one easy-to-understand format.  

Who is the resource for?

The leaflet will be useful if you treat patients with, or at risk of, cardiovascular disease. It can be given to patients at any stage in their pathway, and could be particularly helpful for patients with a recent diagnosis or who need support managing a long-term condition.

You can also display it in GP practices, hospital information racks, waiting rooms, pharmacy counters, and other clinical settings.

We welcome feedback from healthcare professionals on this resource.

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