Where we fund research

mapWe fund the brightest and best research into heart and circulatory disease. This could be a PhD student at a well-known University or a collaboration between a top BHF Professor and a lesser known Institute.

BHF Research Centres

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we invested more than £100 million in research in 2014. We fund scientists at more than 50 different research locations in the UK - from Bristol to Belfast, Cardiff to Cambridge, and Edinburgh to Essex.

We are funding hundreds of researchers on over 1,000 projects. All aim to find new, better treatments for people with heart and circulatory disease, or develop new ways to better prevent or diagnose it. 

Six innovative Centres of Excellence

Glasgow Research CentreSince 2008 we have been investing in Centres of Research Excellence at leading UK universities. These six Centres bring together top scientists from a number of disciplines to come up with exciting, innovative research projects that will help us beat heart and circulatory disease.


Three Centres of Regenerative Medicine

Two researchers working in a laboratoryIn 2013 we took a major step towards mending broken hearts when we committed to funding three pioneering Centres of Regenerative Medicine. The Centres are not fixed on one particular building or even one institution but each is a unique collaboration between experts from a number of universities. These Centres are helping us take significant steps towards our ultimate goal of finding a cure for heart failure. 

Research across the UK

Not all of our research takes place at big Centres. Smaller projects are taking place all across the UK such research into the rare causes of heart attacks at University of Leicester or research into the role the brain plays in causing high blood pressure at University of Bristol.

Find out about what we research.

You can also see what it's like to be a BHF-funded researcher across the country in our science blogs

We can only continue to fund vital research into heart and circulatory diseases with your generous help.