Preventing heart disease

Man running with children

Cardiovascular Disease is one of the UK’s single biggest killers, but in many cases it is preventable.

Making healthy changes to our diet, taking regular exercise, and quitting smoking can all really improve our heart health. 

That’s why we develop and support policies that can help you to make positive choices and stay healthy.

Our policies that will help prevent heart disease:

  • Air pollution – we want to help the UK Government to comply with all European Commission air quality limits as soon as possible.
  • Tobacco marketing – we think there should be restrictions on all forms of tobacco marketing aimed at getting people to start smoking, especially young
  • E-Cigarettes - Evidence on the safety and long-term effects of e-cigarettes is still emerging. We are calling for more research in this area, whilst recognising they are increasingly being used as a cessation aid so should regulated for this purpose.