Without you, the thank yous stop

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All over the UK, hearts are beating thanks to research you’ve helped us fund. But there are still more life saving treatments and cures we need to find, and we need your support.

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The impact of our work

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The research breakthroughs you've helped us fund over the last sixty years have broken new ground, revolutionised the way heart disease is treated today and transformed care.

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London to Brighton Bike Ride

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Take part in our most iconic bike ride to fund vital research. It's not a race, it's a life saver.

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Give up chocolate, save hearts

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Challenge yourself to give up chocolate this March and help raise money towards life saving research.


1 thousand

At any given moment, we are funding over 1,000 research projects into treatments and cures for heart disease.

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We spend 76p of every £1 we raise on life saving research and support for heart patients.