Big dreams for tiny hearts

BHF-funded Professor Massimo Caputo looking to camera

Our researchers are breaking new ground in their mission to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease to keep every tiny heart beating.

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Tiny hearts, big questions

Baby Rosco, heart disease survivor, with his parents playing with a Christmas ornament

If your baby has just been diagnosed with a heart condition we know it can be overwhelming. But with the right support and information you will feel more prepared to face the future.

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Christmas Raffle

Our shops are offering the chance to win a Tesco gift card worth £150. Buy a ticket in-store and help fund life saving research.

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Clear out for Christmas

Too much stuff? Have a pre-Christmas clear out. Donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, books, bags and toys at our shops, or we'll collect them for free.

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Every day, 12 babies in the UK are diagnosed with congenital heart disease. 

Two of them won't survive to adulthood.

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We spend 76p of every £1 we raise on life saving research and support for heart patients.