What is DECHOX?

DECHOX is a nationwide challenge to give up chocolate in March (a detox from chocolate). The money you raise will help fund the British Heart Foundation's (BHF) life saving heart research. Anything with chocolate in it, including the sprinkles on your cappuccino are off limits.

I don't like chocolate. Can I still take part?

Of course! Why not give up another vice of yours, such as crisps, biscuits or cake. 

What can I eat?

We’ve put together a survival guide to help you through DECHOX. It has lots of new and delicious recipes for you to try. Check it out here.

What is JustGiving? How do I use it?

JustGiving is an online fundraising platform. Your fundraising page will be automatically set up when you visit JustGiving and log in. You can share the link to your JustGiving page with your friends and family so they can donate to your DECHOX. JustGiving has a help section with lots of useful information. 

Can I enter with a team?

Yes, you can tick the box on the sign up form to say you’re taking part as a team. Don’t forget to let us know your team name.

Where can I get help with fundraising?

Our Get Fundraising section will help you raise money. It features a sponsorship form, fundraising tips, social media badges and much more. 

What's the deadline for paying money in?

To be eligible to receive our fundraising prize incentives, you must pay in before 30 April 2018. We will receive any donations on your JustGiving page automatically. 

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid adds 25p to every £1 donated at no extra cost to you or the donor. It's a government scheme that enables charities to claim this 'extra money' from the tax that people have already paid. To allow the BHF to claim Gift Aid, the donor has to be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient income tax and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount the BHF will reclaim in the tax year. Please make sure you send your sponsorship form to us so we can claim it.