Send chocolate packing

Your Dechox is underway - keep up the good work! Thank you for giving up chocolate for a month, and raising funds for our life saving research into heart and circulatory conditions. Need a hand with keeping the pennies rolling in?

Fundraising tips

Three great reasons to take part

Not sure if you'll be able to stay away from chocolate for a whole month? Here are a few reasons to give it a go.

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For your health

That great taste comes at a price - lots of sugar and fat, not ideal for your health! A Dechox could help you kick start some healthier habits.
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For the challenge

The satisfaction of completing Dechox could be reward in itself - especially if you're competing with family and friends!
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For the cause

Every donation you raise, no matter the amount, helps to power our life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.