CPR training videos

Your Call Push Rescue Training Kit includes a film tutorial on DVD to demonstrate CPR skills. Participants watch the film and practice the skills on resuscitation manikins.

If you don't have a DVD player then you can view the full DVD via the Youtube playlist below. The order of content is:

Learn CPR trailer (0.58 mins)

Learn CPR main training video (23 mins)

Child CPR (3.5 mins)

Recovery position (6 mins)

Defibrillator awareness (2.5 mins)

Sam's fight for every heartbeat (4.5 mins)

Don't have access to YouTube?

You can also download the individual chapters as MP4 files (play on most devices) or Windows Media files (play on PCs) below.

  • Download the full set of videos in MP4 format (zip folder, 1.4GB)
  • Download the full set of videos in WMV format (zip folder, 1.2GB)
  • You can also download the main CPR training film on its own in MP4 format (852MB) or WMV format (559MB)

If you have any problems accessing these videos email [email protected]