Richard's angioplasty

“I didn't want to leave my family”

“When I was being treated I lay there thinking about my family. I was the provider and I didn’t want to leave them.”


Richard went to work on a building site as usual.

The discomfort he’d been feeling in his chest for the past few days was still bothering him. 

As the morning went on it got worse, until Richard realised something was really wrong and he needed to get himself to hospital.

At hospital the doctors told Richard he’d had a heart attack. He was just 36.

Richard was taken to have an emergency procedure to open two blocked arteries in his heart.

"I was the provider and I didn’t want to leave them"

While they were doing it I was lying there thinking about my two-year-old son, Alfie and my wife, Helen, who was beside herself with worry.

I’m thankful for the years of research that helps keep people like me alive. It was the shock of my life when I had a heart attack, and I’m so grateful that I’m still here.”

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