Leo's triple bypass

"I hate heart disease because it affects me, my family and all of our futures"

Pain in the chest

Leo, aged 51, from Medway in Kent, had a heart attack five years ago when he was hanging doors in the family home. He went on to have a triple bypass and now lives with the emotional impact of having been through a life-threatening event in his 40s.

“When they told me I’d had a heart attack my whole world collapsed," Leo says.

“Heart attacks happen to other people, not me. After my triple bypass I was terrified about not being able to be who I was before. I felt like an old man, I couldn’t lift anything heavier than a kettle and had nightmares about my scar ripping open.

“The truth is heart disease affects everyone.”



What is a triple bypass?

A triple bypass is a form of coronary bypass surgery. When your arteries narrow due to fatty deposits, a surgery must be completed to get around, or bypass, the narrowed sections of your coronary arteries.

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In 1969, heart bypass operations arrived in the UK as a treatment for angina. We immediately funded Dr. Raphael Balcon to assess it's effectiveness and his five year study showed 36 out of 60 bypass patients had no angina symptoms after six months. Shortly after, the brand new procedure was being carried out at hospitals around the country.

Today, we fund research to help fight all forms of heart disease. With your help, we can continue to do the research that has made the lives of people like Leo better. Consider donating to our research today.