Julie's young heart attack


Julie Martin was absolutely shocked when she had a heart attack at the age of just 34.

She was at home when she started to experience back pain, felt short of breath and nauseous.

Heart attack in your 30s

"I simply couldn't believe I'd had a heart attack. But the BHF nurse saw me and then it all made sense."

"The pain just didn’t go."

When the doctors told her that she’d had a heart attack, Julie couldn't accept it and thought they were wrong. She didn’t want it to be true, and didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of her life.

She was surprised and shocked because she ate well, exercised regularly, didn’t smoke and had no history of heart disease in her family.

While the doctors were always helpful, Julie says the BHF nurse was even better.

"She was always there. She understood exactly what I was going through."

Julie still keeps in touch with the BHF, donates clothes, and enters sponsored events.

"I tell all my friends about the BHF."

What is a heart attack?

When your heart muscles are starved of oxygen-rich blood, it causes damage to your heart muscle - and a heart attack. If you think you or anyone else is having a heart attack, you should phone 999 for an ambulance immediately.

Other survivors of heart attacks

Like Julie, many others have also experienced heart attacks for a variety of reasons. Below are their stories:

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Support life saving heart research

Our heart research has helped us understand heart attacks in more detail and vastly improve treatments. The late BHF Professor Michael Davies was one of the first scientists to demonstrate that blood clots in the heart's coronary arteries were a major cause of heart attacks. 

Today, BHF Professor Steve Watson and his team are working out how blood cells form dangerous clots. Funding our research could lead to breakthroughs that save more lives. Consider making a donation today.