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Hina tells her heart attack story

Hina Shah was making rice krispie chocolates for her family when she had her heart attack. It was completely unexpected. Hina had no previous medical problems, no family history and no symptoms.

A fast recovery

Heart disease can strike anyone at any time. We need to be conscious of what we eat, what we do and how much exercise we do on a regular basis.

She just couldn’t fathom why it had happened. Luckily Hina was treated quickly, and managed to recover as fast as she could, so that she could return to looking after her children.

Hina is now thankful to be alive, and the experience has changed her life in certain ways. Of our resources she says: "They were simply invaluable and a great source of information."

Hina shares our booklets and Heart Matters magazine with her family. Her children get the newsletters too, and really enjoy reading them.

Our Heart Helpline has helped Hina understand more about her condition, the medication she takes for it and how to return to a normal life.

Worried about the misconception that young people and especially women don't suffer from heart related diseases, Hina wants people to know the truth.

Simple things like being able to walk her daughter to school again were indications that Hina’s life was getting back to normal. She didn’t like other people taking on her role as a mother.