Hannah skydives for us

Hannah Leeson about to do a skydive

At just 10 days old Hannah was rushed to hospital. Her body was not able to take in the oxygen it needed. At seven months old, she had open heart surgery. Read her story. 

“I was born with transposition of the great arteries, which means my blood was pumping the wrong way around my body and was not picking up any oxygen. At 10 days old I turned blue and my parents rushed me to hospital, where I was transferred to the Freeman Hospital. I initially had a balloon procedure which then led to open heart surgery when I was seven months old. 

"I underwent  the Senning procedure, which means my heart works the opposite way to a normal heart but it was a success and I have been fit and healthy with yearly hospital check-ups the ever since. Although I don’t remember any of it, I have the scars on my chest as a daily reminder."

Recent scare

"Last year we had a fright when I suffered with fluid on my lungs which affected my heart’s function and rhythm. I got in touch with my cardiac nurse and was   admitted to Freeman’s hospital where I was treated straight away. I’m now back to my yearly check-ups. 

a skydiver with the parachute open

"Being unwell again last year really made me sit and think that I wanted to give something back for all the care and treatment I had received to keep me alive. A skydive really appealed to me and once I got permission from my cardiac consultant, I knew it was what I wanted to do! Thankfully my friend agreed to take part with me otherwise I may have not had the courage to do it. 

"We are still buzzing from the amazing experience and so far we have raised over £1,200 for the BHF which I’m so proud of. 

"I wouldn’t be here without the work of the British Heart Foundation so I feel it’s the least I can do to give something back. I would recommend it to anyone and I hope to take part in more events for the BHF in the future.”

Take on a skydive

If you have been inspired by Hannah's story and want to give something back to the BHF, why not take on a sky dive? We have jump sites across the UK, and if you raise more than £400 for us in sponsorship, you jump for free. 

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