Anette's heart defect


When Anette Chapman was born she already had problems with her heart - and needed an operation to fix it.

Living with congenital heart defects

In 2008, Anette had a serious infection in her heart which required another operation. She was born with congenital ventricular septel defect and aortic insufficiency.

In May of that year, Anette fell seriously very ill with bacterial endocarditis. But after an operation and treatment she's now a full-time mum and student, back to exercising and living a full life.

She says: "I have three wonderful young children who I will see grow up, and I enjoy life just a little more!"

Anette is thankful to the BHF for helping her feel less alone in her illness, and for providing a wealth of support, knowledge and kindness.

What is a ventricular septal defect?

A ventricular septal defect is one of many forms of congenital heart disease. 'Congenital' means that the problem developed in the womb. While we can link some forms of congenital heart disease to genes or chromosomes, sometimes we don't know why some hearts develop abnormally.

Others living with congenital heart disease

There are a variety of types of congenital heart disease, affecting many in different ways. Here are some stories of others surviving with congenital heart disease:

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