Sir Ranulph Fiennes - Ambassador for Research

Sir Ranulph Fiennes at a lab visit in Bristol

Our latest Ambassador, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes feels passionately about supporting our life saving research.

Personal connection

Ranulph knows first-hand the dangers of heart disease when he suffered a heart attack followed by several cardiac arrests in 2003. He then underwent an emergency heart bypass performed by our heart surgeon Professor Angelini

Despite leading an active lifestyle Ranulph has demonstrated that heart disease can strike almost anyone. 

Ranulph fully credits the amazing work of our very own Professor Angelini for saving his life and in allowing him to carry on doing what he loves taking on huge climbs, all-terrain marathons and other extreme challenges. 

Supporting our research

In October 2015, the avid explorer visited Professor Angelini’s lab at the Bristol Heart Institute where he learned about the latest pioneering research we are helping to fund. 

After his visit Ranulph stated, "Seeing the research that could one day help other heart patients was wonderful. There have been huge steps since I was in Professor Angelini’s care". 

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