Kym Marsh - Ambassador for Grow income

Pop singer Kim Marsh Kym is passionate about supporting our life saving research, and is keen to help us raise as much money as possible.


Actress Kym Marsh supported and participated in our first ever DECHOX campaign where she encouraged the great people to give up chocolate for the month of March.

Personal connection

Kym has personal reasons for supporting us. Her son has been diagnosed with myopericarditis, an inflammation of the heart and her dad suffered a cardiac arrest when Kym was 18.

Kym says: "I have been personally affected by the issues surrounding heart disease. My father has had both a cardiac arrest, at the age of 49, and a heart attack two years ago, when he was 67, while my son, David, contracted a heart infection last year, despite having no known pre-existing heart conditions. I know the terrible effect that heart disease can have on a family."