Dame Esther Rantzen - Ambassador for Research and Grow income

Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther has supported us in a variety of ways and fe‚Äčels particularly passionate about the work and income our retail division team brings in.

Supporting us

Journalist and TV Presenter, Esther first started supporting us four years ago when she used our Furniture & Electrical stores free collection service to help with her house move. 

In August 2012, Esther visited the Imperial College in Hammersmith and Fulham as part of our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. Esther met with Professor Schneider, our Professor of Regenerative Cardiology to observe the new science which looks at repairing hearts damaged after a heart attack. 

In 2014, Esther supported our Bag it. Beat it. stock donation campaign and our Christmas sales drive.

Meeting our volunteers

In July 2015, Esther met with some of our volunteers for afternoon tea. Esther was keen to find out about the amazing work they have done for us. Esther took the opportunity to thank them for all their selfless work to help fight against heart disease. 

Esther said "The inspirational volunteers I met are a testament to the difference a couple of hours donated each week can make. By volunteering, these people are helping the BHF fight coronary heart disease (CHD) – the UK’s single biggest killer - they should be very proud."

Personal connection

Esther's late husband, documentary maker Desmond Wilcox, battled heart disease for years, which is why she is also passionate about our life saving research