Social Care


There are 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the UK and CVD is a leading cause of disability. Social care helps people with long term conditions, older people, people with disabilities and carers to lead ordinary lives. 

Some people with CVD will need additional help at home with washing, dressing or preparing a meal. Some will need additional help with communication or getting out and about. Others will need residential care.

Social care, unlike health care, is not free at the point of use. Before you can be judged eligible for care and support you must go through financial and needs assessments. These assessments can exclude people from getting the care they need.

In addition, local authorities, who provide social care services have recently received significant budget cuts. This has led to fewer people receiving the care that they need.

What needs to happen?

The Government must set the national eligibility threshold for social care at a level that means all those with CVD who need it, get the support they need. The 

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Government must also make the necessary funding available to local authorities for implementing this.

We are working with other charities who support people with social care needs, through the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) to try to make sure that this happens.

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