Food labelling

Food labelling

A poor diet can be a big factor in developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other long-term health conditions. 

That's why we've been campaigning for over seven years for a new scheme that helps us all understand what's in the food on our supermarket shelves.

We were delighted that in June 2013 the Government announced a new voluntary recommended front-of-pack food labelling system. The new system will include colour codes for reference intakes (formerly known as guideline daily amounts).

This is great news as it will help all of us more able to make informed choices and at-a-glance comparisons of the food we are buying.

All the major supermarkets have signed up to introduce the new scheme and some major companies such as Mars UK, Nestle UK, PepsiCo UK and Premier Foods have already signed up.

Read our guide to the new labels.

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