Building physical activity into our daily lives

Family walking

Nearly two thirds of adults are overweight or obese.

Being physically active not only reduces this but helps protect us against cardiovascular disease. But a large number of adults and children are not active enough to benefit in this way. 

Building physical activity into our everyday lives like walking or cycling instead of using the car on short journeys can help us work towards leading a more active lifestyle.

It’s important that active options like these are enjoyable and safe. 

What we're calling for

  • all schools should have a School Travel Plan and take steps to help children walk and cycle to school safely 
  • employers should provide facilities for walkers and cyclists 
  • good town planning - with safe well lit streets, facilities and parks within walking distance, and good public transport links for everyone 
  • a 20mph speed limit in areas where we live, work, and play. This would reduce the risk of accidents and help people feel safer. 

For more information please download our policy statement or email [email protected].