Our shops

BHF store

Our shops and stores are a major source of support in the fight against heart disease. In 2011/12 they raised over £31.2 million for our life saving work.

We are working to make sure our shops and stores operate in the right environment so their contribution to the fight for every heartbeat can be maximised.

Our policies for our shops and stores

  • Charity bag fraud and theft – charities like us are increasingly the victim of charity bag theft, with organised crime gangs targeting bags of second hand clothes left out on the pavement for charities to collect.
  • Commercial collectors – in recent years, collections run not by charities but by companies for commercial gain have become increasingly prevalent.
  • Kerbside collections – we are calling for all local councils to work with charities to carry out kerbside collections.
  • Work experience – working with us can help to develop new skills, and offer valuable experience of working in a busy retail environment.