Charity partnership: achieving more than the sum of its parts

NCP Miranda Frudd from the National Charity Partnership team tells us about the value of partnership working and explains how this three year partnership with Tesco, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK is transforming lives and supporting those at risk of diabetes and heart and circulatory disease.

Why are we working in partnership?

Not everyone knows that having Type 2 diabetes can double your risk of developing heart and circulatory disease, and much can be done about reducing the risk of developing these conditions. This is why the BHF and Diabetes UK have paired with one of the UK’s largest retailers, which has an incredible reach with the potential to make a positive difference to millions of shopping baskets year on year. Together, we aim to change the lives of those most at risk of cardiovascular disease, by raising funds over three years and creating our own, unique, programmes that encourage long term behaviour change.

Raising more funds to improve lives

The power of working in partnership with two influential health charities and with Tesco, a household name, has a significant impact on our scope for generating lifesaving funds.

Since January 2015, we have raised over £20 million for the BHF and Diabetes UK through a number of creative, inventive and large scale events. We hold flagship weekends several times a year where we encourage Tesco colleagues across all stores to dress up, engage with customers and raise vitals funds for the charities. Activities on these days have included sponsored silences, exercise challenges and themed tombolas. We have also sent charity bears and Rudolph toys on trips around the UK and abroad as fundraising ambassadors, stopping off at Tesco stores to support the fundraising efforts.

This year we also held our first Gala Ball for Tesco suppliers- a glamorous event which was sponsored by Tesco and raised a staggering £657,000 for the partnering charities to spend on charitable activities. Seeing two large charities and a retailer work together for public betterment is a powerful message and highlights the collaborative and philanthropic nature of the sector.

Reaching the Nation

Working in partnership has allowed us to reach thousands of people who could be at risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart and circulatory disease, and partnering with one of the UK’s largest food retailers has helped us to reach and engage the public with key messaging such as the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle.

This has culminated in a variety of innovative programmes of support. We have held food tasting sessions in Tesco stores across the UK, which has enabled Tesco shoppers to try healthy snacks and encourage them to have healthier shopping baskets. These health messages have been further strengthened by our Make Move and Munch Clubs (MMM) - a programme designed to support those families who need to know more about nutrition, portion sizes and eating healthily on a budget. So far, thousands of MMM participants have learnt how to cook healthy meals in 2017 alone and the clubs have seen participants becoming more active, eating more fruit and vegetables and preparing more meals from scratch. In fact, before the programme 40% parents found it difficult to manage their weekly budget and eat well whereas after the 8 week course, 94% of them felt they were able to make their food budget go further and prepare healthier meals.

Over 190,000 people have also taken part in Partnership funded ‘Beat the Street’ programme- a walking, cycling and scooting competition-travelling over 650,000 miles. The programme saw a 13% increase in the proportion of adults meeting physical activity guidelines with a 26% increase in adults improving their level of activity from being very inactive. NCP

Around 17.5 million women aged 20-45, were exposed to our Let’s Do This media campaign through digital advertising, which promoted messages encouraging them to move more and eat better and make use of our new 8 Week Challenge. This online tool allows people to keep track of and achieve their personal health goals each day for 8 weeks and make sustainable changes to move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Over 13000 people have set goals using the tool and we have several accounts of a positive impact. One user said “this has helped me lose half a stone, and I hope to lose even more in 2017”.

A force for change

The National Charity Partnership has brought together a huge range of skills, reach and expertise to create a team, a brand and a campaign that can reach more people more effectively than any one organisation could achieve on their own. The reach and scope of all three partners is invaluable and allows us to talk with authority on a number of topical health issues affecting a large proportion of the population.

The commitment Tesco colleagues and customers have demonstrated to raising vital funds for the charity partnership, together with Tesco’s investment in and support for local communities, is what has enabled the Partnership to develop and deliver a programme of work on a scale like no other. BHF and DUK have brought medical expertise and a repertoire of fundraising initiatives to the Partnership, which has added more gravitas to Tesco’s health messages and encouraged more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We are confident that we will continue to be a force for positive change in the health of the nation. 


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