Impact Stories

We have been at the heart of health for over 50 years. Our work is made possible only through your generous donations and over the years it has led to cutting-edge research discoveries and innovative patient care. Hear people's account of the difference this is making.



Charity partnership: achieving more than the sum of its parts

2 August 2017

The National charity Partnership team tells us about the value of working with BHF, Tesco and Diabetes UK and how it is making a difference to the nations' health.


A dad's tale: Research into heart attacks saved my life

16 June 2017

Richard Elgar, heart attack survivor

Richard talks about having a heart attack at 36 and how revolutionary research in the field has kept his family together. 


The heart of volunteering

18 May 2017

Linda Fenn, Head of Volunteering at the BHF

Linda Fenn talks about the difference volunteering is making on people’s health and wellbeing. Quite simply, without their support we would not have been able to fund the research that has led to the scientific breakthroughs that we have made over the last 56 years.


 How cardiac rehab saved me

17 April 2017

Cem Hilmi, heart attack survivor

Cem suffered a heart attack in his kitchen, in front of his wife and daughter. Cem tells us how this event took a toll on his body and mind and how cardiac rehabilitation had a lasting impact on getting his life back on track.

Getting to the heart of air pollution

20 March 2017

Chloe Watson, Policy Manager at The BHF

Chloe explores how research is improving our understanding of air pollution and heart disease, and explains how we are turning this understanding into action.


Living with an incurable heart disease

20 February 2017

Hannah Phillips who has Complicated Ebstein’s Anomaly

"My name is Hannah Phillips, I’m 21 years old and I live with my family in London. I was born three months premature, and at six months I caught meningitis. That’s when I was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition called Complicated Ebstein’s Anomaly. Some days, I am absolutely exhausted..."