Survival Title

Our survival ambition

We will lead the fight to ensure more people survive a heart attack or an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you’re unlikely to survive. We’re lagging behind rates seen in other nations. This must change.

Our aims

We will make the UK a Nation of Lifesavers by giving people the skills and confidence to act when they witness a heart attack or cardiac arrest. We will also drive national initiatives calling for appropriate availability, visibility, and use of all public access defibrillators.

Our priorities

To meet our aims our strategy will shift to focus on these priorities:

  • We will use national awareness campaigns urging everyone to get trained. 
  • We will start a nationwide surge of skills with a new, quick-and-simple way to learn CPR
  • We will fund more defibrillators and invest in a national database that makes these vital devices easier to find. 

Survival Infographic

Samantha Hobbs, SomersetHobbs Family

"I was 14 when I saved my mum's life. I heard my dad on the phone saying he thought my mum was dead. I'd learnt CPR at Yeovil Lifesaving Club, so when I couldn't find her pulse I went into auto-pilot and started chest compressions. It's horrible to think what could have happened if I'd not known CPR as it helped keep mum alive."

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