Our support ambition

We will make sure patients and their families receive the best possible support, information and care.

Too many people with cardiovascular disease go without good care and support at the right times. Patients can be left stranded in the system, with worsening symptoms, increased anxiety, and deteriorating health. We’ve already funded innovative new ways to organise cardiovascular care that keeps patients well and at home, saving the NHS money. But we need to do more.

Our aims

We want to ensure that everyone in the UK with cardiovascular disease has access to high-quality, integrated health and social care services.

We want to empower people living with cardiac conditions and cardiovascular disease to manage their condition through access to high-quality information, support and guidance.

We will stand up for the needs and rights of patients with cardiovascular disease and their families.

Our priorities

To meet our aims our strategy will shift to focus on these priorities:

  • Patient services will be improved by local health and social care staff, empowered and enabled by The BHF Alliance - our community of BHF supported healthcare practitioners. 
  • High quality, integrated cardiovascular care will be provided for more patients, more quickly, as we work with and influence local commissioners. 
Support Infographic

Peter Jones, CheshirePeter Jones

"My father was diagnosed with heart failure in 2011. After a hospital stay in February 2013, we knew he was in his final months. Dad wanted to stay at home and thanks to a BHF scheme he could, with care measured by district and cardiac nurses. I can't praise the team and the BHF project enough."

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