British Heart Foundation research ambition

Our research ambition

We will build on our position as a research-driven charity, the UK’s leading independent funder of cardiovascular research.

For over 50 years, we've funded research that has revolutionised the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease. We've made great progress, but cardiovascular disease still causes more than one in four deaths in the UK each year. We will build on our position as the UK's leading independent funder of cardiovascular research, with expansion of our research programme.

Our aims

Research is the most powerful weapon we’ve got. The expansion of our research programme is at the heart of our strategy.

Our main aims are to increase our investment in world-class research and ensure that research funded by us translates into better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment outcomes.

Our priorities

To meet our aims our strategy will shift to focus on these priorities:

  • We'll fund the best possible research to win our fight today and in years to come. 
  • Patients will benefit more quickly from research progress. We will accelerate the translation of discoveries into tests, treatments and care to benefit patients directly. 
  • Our research changes lives. We'll do even more to measure, report and demonstrate its impact.

 Research infographic

Professor Steve Humphries

Steve Humphries, BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Genetics

"The BHF have funded my team to find the genetic faults underlying familial hypocholesterolaemia (FH) and develop accurate and affordable tests for them since the 1980s.

"It's been my life's work. I knew we could fight FH and save lives, and with support from the BHF, we're starting to realise the vision."

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