Centres of Research Excellence

In 2008 we began a six-year, £34 million investment strategy to support four top UK universities as BHF Centres of Research Excellence.

In 2013, thanks to the success of the programme, we invested a further £24 million over five years and expanded to include the Universities of Cambridge and Glasgow.

Encouraging innovative approaches

This scheme aims to secure the UK’s future as a world-leading force in heart research - by attracting the best young scientists into the field - and encourage innovative approaches in the fight against heart disease by forging pioneering partnerships between scientists from different disciplines.

Thanks to this strategy, by 2014 an additional 150 heart scientists will have been trained. According to a mid-term review carried out in 2011, the universities are on track with 76 scientists in training so far. The funding has also sparked 85 brand new research projects to advance the fight against heart disease.

Thanks to your donations, UK heart research will bring life saving treatments to more people, more quickly.

We fund scientists all over the UK. Use our map to find heart research near you.

The Centres and their funding

Imperial College London £11.9 million
King's College London £15 million
University of Edinburgh £10.6 million
University of Oxford £14.4 million
University of Cambridge £3 million
University of Glasgow £3 million

Key aims of the centres

This investment, together with the researchers’ drive and commitment will ensure each Centre achieves three main aims:

  • To jump-start innovative research projects and support inspirational ideas
  • To seek out and train the very best young doctors and scientists to become the next generation of heart researchers
  • To foster pioneering research partnerships between heart scientists and other specialists, such as engineers and mathematicians, to gain brand new insight and ideas to tackle heart disease.

This unique initiative will provide the roots from which the next generation of world-leading heart researchers will grow.