Funding research. Changing lives.

A researcher in a lab Research is the most powerful weapon we’ve got for fighting cardiovascular disease (CVD). For over 50 years we’ve funded life saving research, but around 160,000 deaths in the UK are from CVD each year.

We currently spend over £100 million on life saving research each year, funding over 1,000 research projects across the UK. 

microscope iconAs a research charity, we rely on government investment to pay for the indirect costs of research in universities, such as electricity and heating for labs.

The Government also invests in science through the research councils which fund research directly, including in partnership with us. This enables us to fund more world-class cardiovascular research, which has led to significant progress in preventing, diagnosing and treating CVD

Any reductions in government spending would damage UK research and slow progress towards finding the life saving treatments which we urgently need. Therefore we are asking the government to maintain the current ring fencing of the science budget and commit to future increases in their first budget

Key facts

  • Every £1 invested in medical research returns around 40p every year to the UK economy. An investment in research is an investment in the economy as well as in public health.
  • Investment from the Government, charities and industry is all needed to support research and increase GDP.
  • Every year the Government invests £198 million a year in the indirect costs of charity funded research.
  • We invest over £100 million in research every year.
  • Recent public polling found 45% of people think the current level of government spending on medical research should be increased.

We will continue to fund research to end premature death and suffering from CVD. It is vital the Government maintains the current level of the science budget to ensure the UK has the optimal environment that allows us to continue deliver world-leading research.