Suzanne's familial hypercholesterolaemia


Suzanne found out she had an inherited high blood cholesterol level, called FH or familial hypercholesterolaemia, after her dad died from a heart attack aged just 41.

Inherited heart conditions

I understand that FH is a manageable condition and I'm happy I can lead a normal, healthy life.

Because he died at such a young age, her doctor recommended that she and her family should have their blood cholesterol levels tested.

While the rest of her family was fine, Suzanne’s cholesterol levels were high. She was referred to a lipid clinic where she met a specialist who provided advice and support, helping her understand how to manage her condition.

Suzanne keeps her heart healthy by doing regular physical activity, she monitors her diet to make sure it's as healthy as possible and she takes statin medicines to help lower her cholesterol levels. She's positive about life and confident about her future.



What is FH?

Familial hypercholesterolaemia, or FH, is a genetic condition that results in exceptionally high levels of cholesterol in your blood. It's one of the most common inherited conditions. With FH, you have a higher risk of getting heart disease at an early age if the condition is left untreated. 

Other people with FH

FH is one of the most common inherited heart conditions. Here are others living with FH:

Rachel's familial hypercholesterolaemia

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In 2008, Rory Collins' teams, part of the BHF Centre of Research Excellence at Oxford University, found that people with certain genetic variations are more susceptible to statin side-effects. Their findings could evolve the way high-dose statins are prescribed.

Cutting-edge heart research will lead to better treatments of FH and maybe one day, a cure. Donating to us means providing with genetic conditions like Suzanne a fighting chance.