Ethical downloads keep hearts beating

Change your music download provider to Fairsharemusic to help raise vital funds. It doesn't mean wasting any extra time or money and all you need to do is register to start downloading your favourite music.

Feel good downloads
We’ve teamed up with fairsharemusic, a music download website, to help us beat heart disease. Every time you download a track, fairsharemusic will donate half the profit to us.


Around 10 billion tracks have been downloaded illegally in the UK since 2004, which could have raised £300million for charity if they had been donated through Fairsharemusic.

Best of my love, songs from the heart - British Heart FoundationTo celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’ve created a 5 disc compilation album, Best of My Love, featuring love songs from every decade since we formed, which you can also download from

How it helps us

You can give more, at no extra cost, simply by changing your online music download habits

We’ll get at least 4p for every track and 32p for every album downloaded - prices start at 79p for a track and £7.99 for an album.

Plus if you’re a first time user on the website the more you download the more they donate! Here’s how it works:

  • download a track and 50% of the profits are donated.
  • download an album and an additional 10% is donated.
  • buy £10 of music and an additional 20% is donated.
  • buy £20 of music and an additional 50% is donated.

"Who knew donating to the British Heart Foundation could be so insanely easy?! With one click you can access some awesome music and be safe in the knowledge half of the profits from every purchase will be supporting the nation’s heart charity.

"They always say that the best ideas are the simple ones - and it just doesn't get any simpler than this. Go for it!"

Neil "Doctor" Fox, Radio DJ and TV Presenter.