Reflections of Research 2013

Our Reflections of Research competition seeks out the most extraordinary and surprising views of our heart and blood vessels amongst the research your donations help fund.

Here are the winners of this year's competition. The judges were James Gallagher, BBC Health and Science Reporter, our Medical Director Peter Weissberg and our Chief Executive Simon Gillespie, who says:

"This isn’t just visually arresting art; these pictures are reflections of our life-saving research, which makes them even more beautiful."

"Images can be a very powerful way of conveying and understanding information in science. But science can also produce images which are beautiful and interesting as works of art."

Alice Roberts
Anatomist, Author and Broadcaster

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3D structure of an adult mouse heart

The Broken Heart

Image of the Year and supporter favourite

Gillian Gray, Megan Swim & Harris Morrison

This image reveals the remarkable 3D structure of an adult mouse heart. The imaging technique used here is being developed to allow us to better measure the extent of injury after heart attack.
Front view of a developing two day old zebrafish heart

Caught in the net

Mending Broken Hearts award

Dr Jana Koth

This is the front view of a developing two day old zebrafish heart. The green cells are heart muscle cells, and the red and blue staining shows components that make up the muscle. The early heart tube has started to loop.

An MRI of the heart of a healthy kidney donor

What sets your heart on fire?

Dr William Moody

This is an MRI of the heart of a healthy kidney donor.  The scan can pick up if there are any changes in the heart after donating a kidney, which could potentially be treated with medication.

A heart-shaped image of a nucleus from a single vascular smooth muscle cell

At the heart of a cell

Dr Andrew Cobb

This is a heart-shaped image of a nucleus from a single vascular smooth muscle cell. Vascular smooth muscle helps give blood vessels their shape. The green specks show multiple regions of DNA damage, which could explain the unusual shape.

Foam cells

Killer cholesterol

Dr Yichuan Wen, Dr David Leake

These are immune cells - called foam cells. The white specks show cholesterol captured within the foam cells.

This year's winners

Image of the Year and Supporter Favourite by Dr Gillian Gray, Megan Swim and Harris Morrison, University of Edinburgh  Mending Broken Hearts Award by Dr Jana Koth, University of Oxford Highly commended Dr Andrew Cobb, King’s College London, Dr William Moody, University of Birmingham, Dr Yichuan Wen and Dr David Leake, University of Reading Killer Cholesterol.

Video of the Year by Dr James Wong, Dr Gerald F Greil, Dr Daniel Giese, Dr Sebastian Kozerke, Professor Tobias Schaeffter and Professor Reza Razavi, King’s College London.  Highly commended Dr Daniel Dilg University College London, Dr Diane Proudfoot and Dr Yana Dautova University of Cambridge. Highly commended and Supporter Favourite Dr Gillian Gray, Megan Swim and Harris Morrison University of Edinburgh.

Previous winners

The competition has been running since 2005. See the spectacular images our scientists have previously entered into our Reflections of Research competition.

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