Meet the people who believe in hope

There are over three quarters of a million people living with heart failure in the UK today. And the number is growing.
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The heart failure patient - Richard's story

When Richard was 44 he suffered a huge heart attack, causing irreparable damage to a large portion of his heart muscle leaving him with severe heart failure. Richard battled this devastating condition until 10th May 2013 when he lost his fight – on his 45th birthday.

The heart failure patient - Bronnach's story

Bronnach Pemberton, 35, used to be a hands-on mum, but now she can’t even lift her baby because of the devastating effects of heart failure.

The heart failure patient - Lorraine's story

Living with heart failure is hard in so many ways. But perhaps, one of the most distressing effects is the impact it has on the whole family.

The children - Charlotte and James' story

Charlotte will never forget the day her mum, Lorraine, had her heart attack. In a moment her life, and that of her brother James, changed forever.

The Heart Failure Nurse - Clare's story

In addition to funding heart research, the BHF helped over 165,000 patients in 2011/12 by supporting Heart Nurses and our Helpline, including specialist heart failure nurses like Clare Screeche-Powell.