Meet the people who believe in hope

There are over three quarters of a million people living with heart failure in the UK today. And the number is growing.
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The heart failure patient - Richard's story

When Richard was 44 he suffered a huge heart attack, causing irreparable damage to a large portion of his heart muscle leaving him with severe heart failure. Richard battled this devastating condition until 10th May 2013 when he lost his fight – on his 45th birthday.

The brother - Andy's story

Andy’s brother, Richard, suffered a huge heart attack at just 44, leaving him living with severe heart failure. Nothing prepared Andy and his family for the suffering Richard would face, before he sadly passed away on his 45th birthday.

The heart failure patient - Bronnach's story

Bronnach Pemberton, 35, used to be a hands-on mum, but now she can’t even lift her baby because of the devastating effects of heart failure.

The children - Charlotte and James' story

Charlotte will never forget the day her mum, Lorraine, had her heart attack. In a moment her life, and that of her brother James, changed forever.

The heart failure patient - Lorraine's story

At just 48, Lorraine suffered a heart attack, leaving her with heart failure. It isn’t her current condition that worries her though. It’s whether she’ll be there to watch her children, Charlotte and James, growing up.

The heart failure nurse - Clare's story

Clare works with heart failure patients every day. There isn’t a cure for heart failure yet. She just has to help them manage their life-changing symptoms the best they can.