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Already scientists have created beating heart cells in the laboratory. Watch the cells to see how we could turn breakthrough science into a cure for heart failure.

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When you have a heart attack, a portion of your heart muscle is damaged and dies. At the moment, once your heart is damaged, you will live with that damage for the rest of your life – it cannot be reversed.

But now, because of recent advances in regenerative medicine, there is real hope for a cure.

The British Heart Foundation is the biggest independent funder of heart research in the UK. Every day our scientists are getting closer to understanding how to repair the damage caused by heart attack and they have already made some astonishing breakthroughs.

Our researchers are making new heart muscle cells.

We think we might be able to grow new heart muscle in patches and use it to replace lost muscle in the heart.

Our researchers are investigating if we can switch on the genes that promote healing in the heart. They are also looking at the potential of heart muscle to heal itself.

Meet our researchers, who are working on new treatments and cures for heart patients, and see how we're investing in Centres of Regenerative Medicine to help find a cure.

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We urgently need more funds to turn this pioneering research into treatments – help us continue our vital work.