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What should I do if I think I am having a heart attack?

Do you think you may be having a heart attack now? Don't wait - call 999 immediately.

Chest pain is the most common warning sign of a heart attack. But there are other signs and symptoms and these can vary from one person to another. Too often people ignore symptoms because they think of the classic 'Hollywood' heart attack where someone collapses to the ground and is unconscious. In reality heart attack symptoms are not always this extreme.

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Can I have a copy of your three-day diet?

The three-day diet has been circulated under a number of names such as the "British Heart Institute three-day diet", the "Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital diet", the "Soup Diet”, the "Pre-Op diet" and the “Seven-day fat burning diet". 

These diets are not connected with the British Heart Foundation; their origin is unknown. Although these diets have in the past appeared to be effective as the initial results can be dramatic, the results are rarely long lasting and weight gain can be greater than the amount originally lost.

For more information check out our BHF diet video.

You can also order or download various BHF booklets from our publications section on weight loss and healthy eating. You may find the following helpful:

How can I contact a BHF nurse to visit me or a family member at home?

We currently support over 550 nurses. However, unfortunately there is not a nurse in every area in the UK. Your GP or cardiologist will be able to tell you if there is a BHF nurse working in your area and will advise you if the service is right for you. The BHF’s aim is to keep increasing the number of BHF nurses, so more patients can be offered this expert service.

If you feel you would benefit from extra support, talk to your GP or Practice Nurse who will be able to assess you and your needs. They may be able to refer you to someone that may be able to help.

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Can someone from the BHF talk to my group or organisation?

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver talks at community events, but we're working on a programme for volunteers to deliver this exciting element of community outreach.

In the meantime, community event pack which will help you take advantage of our fantastic resources to promote heart health and give your event the BHF ‘red’ flavour.

For more information contact your local fundraiser. 

Where is my nearest Heart Support Group?

To find your nearest Heart Support Group if you are in England or Wales, please call the Heart HelpLine on 0300 330 3311 or email

If you live in Scotland, please contact Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland on 0131 225 6963 or visit their website at

If you live in Northern Ireland, please contact Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke on 028 9032 0184, or visit their website at

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Where is my nearest Heartstart UK (Emergency Life Support) training course?

You can find details of your nearest Heartstart UK training course offering free emergency life support training by searching our In Your Area section.

Alternatively, call the Heart HelpLine on 0300 330 3311, or email 

If you are interested in starting up a Heartstart UK scheme in your area or becoming more involved in an existing Heartstart UK scheme, please call the Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 or email

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How do I get funding to buy a defibrillator?

For information on how to apply for funding for a defibrillator please email or call the Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311.

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Where can I find more information about the research you do and research grants?

For information about our research, research grants and our research committees please go to the Research section of our website.