Your heart health in British Sign Language (BSL)

Our research tells us that by leading a healthy lifestyle, you can have a healthier heart.

This series of videos in British Sign Language (BSL) will help you do that. They explain the risk factors linked with coronary heart disease, and encourage you to think about some things you could do to keep your heart healthy. They could save your life.

Heart healthy lifestyle (British Sign Language)

In this British Sign Language (BSL) video, we take you through the risk factors for heart disease and some of the things you can do to help reduce your risk.

For information on a particular heart health risk, please check out our themed videos below.

Small changes can make a big difference

Before, I ate really unhealthy food like pork pies, fast food and convenience meals. Now I have really changed the way I eat

Stephen was determined to change his unhealthy habits. Out went the fatty foods like unhealthy pizza, pork pies and pasties, and in came healthier options like pineapple, peas and peppers.  He started swimming regularly and became more active overall.

After a couple of months, he had changed his diet to include healthy choices, lost weight and reduced his blood cholesterol levels.

His story demonstrates how anyone can make those small positive lifestyle changes that'll help reduce the risk.

Main risk factors

The risk factors discussed in these films are:

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Researching risk

Learn more about Professor John Danesh and his team's research on the risk factors linked with coronary heart disease.