Living with a heart condition

Leaving hospital
When you've been diagnosed with a heart condition it's natural to need time to come to terms with what has happened to you and how your everyday life may be affected.

Getting the answers you need to your questions can help reassure you that you can still live your life to the full.

Learn more about day to day life with a heart condition.  

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Hope for heart failure

It can be very frightening to learn that you, or a person close to you, has heart failure. 

For many people heart failure can be a debilitating condition where normal everyday tasks such as having a shower or bath, doing the shopping or simply playing with the children takes enormous energy and leaves them breathless and exhausted.

That's because when heart muscle is damaged, it cannot heal itself. So once your heart 'breaks', it stays that way.

We want to spend £50 million to help our scientists mend broken hearts and bring hope to people with heart failure caused by a heart attack.

Looking for support?

Join in the discussion in our online community. Share your experiences, stories, tips and ideas with other people like you. Whether you are living with heart disease or support a friend of family members, there's a space for you.

Our online magazine, heart matters, has great information on living with a heart condition and how you can keep your heart healthy after a heart attack. And you can read our experts' answers to some commonly asked questions.