But it's not just about calories burned

It's interesting to know how many calories you've burned being active. But there are many other good reasons for you and your family to get, and stay, active.

Being physically active:

Our Get active, stay active booklet has information, tips and support to help you set some goals and build activity into your day.

Eating well

Along with being active, healthy eating can also help you to control your weight, your blood sugar and your cholesterol - helping you look and feel great. It can greatly reduce your risk of getting heart disease, diabetes or having a heart attack.

Health at work

Are you looking to weave more activity into your working day? Would you like your workplace to help you lead a more healthy lifestyle? Take a look at our Health at Work website. We have lots of useful information, tools and practical ideas for you to make small changes that will make a big difference to how healthy you feel.

Know your heart

Know Your Heart is our interactive tool that helps you learn more about your heart. You'll learn what your heart does, the risk factors of getting heart disease and what you can do to lower your risk.