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How we can help you - British Heart FoundationIf you or someone close to you has a heart condition or if you are keen to look after your own heart health, we're here to help.

Whether you are after information, need support or want to find out about our training programmes and funding opportunities find out about how we help.



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You and your heart

Our Heart HelpLine can answer your questions on everything heart-related and our Heart Matters service offers free support and information for people looking to improve their heart health.

We fund research into the prevention, care and treatment of heart disease. We are aiming to spend £50 million over the next decade to help our scientists learn to mend broken hearts affected by heart failure caused by a heart attack.

Find out more about our other information and support services.

In your community

If you work with other people to help them look after their health, we can help you too, whether you do it as part of your job or in your local community.

Do you want to set up a Health at Work scheme with your colleagues, run a Heart Support Group or train people in emergency life support?

In this section, you can find out how to go about it as well as learn about our other training and funding opportunities.

Our Hearty Lives programme tackles health inequalities across the UK.