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After a recent evaluation, the British Heart Foundation has decided to discontinue Factfiles.

Previous issues will be available on the website to download.


Since the first Factfile was distributed over twenty years ago there have been huge changes in the health care sector with decision support software commonly used in general practice and a wealth of evidence based online information available for health care practitioners This has meant that Factfiles have become less relevant in this new environment.

Old issues of Factfiles will remain on the website and continue to be available for download. If you have any queries about the resource please email maddockd@bhf.org.uk

Final issue

The final issue of Factfiles is on Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation and examines some of the assessment and treatment options available.

Previous issues

We aim to ensure our Factfiles contain the most up to date information. However, older Factfiles may quote guidelines that have been superceded more recently.

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