Where your money goes

child with fatherEvery day, we save lives by funding groundbreaking research, providing vital information that helps people keep their own heart healthy and through support and care for heart patients and their families. We couldn't do this without your generous support.

£2 – Helps 10 children get more physically active

£2 could provide 10 children aged 7-11 with their own Let’s get active award pocket planner. This popular resource encourages them to get into the habit of doing at least 60 minutes of activity a day to help their heart health and rewards them with a certificate.

£30 - Heartstart Schools training pack

DodgeballOur Heartstart schools training pack provides teachers with a specialised Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills package to teach children what to do in a life-threatening emergency.

£50 – Help fund vital lab work

Researchers regularly need to measure the levels of specific biological factors in tissue or blood samples. One assay kit, to measure the level of a specific factor in a series of samples costs at least £50.

£124 – Fund a resuscitation training manikin

Girl clearing airway£124 could fund the cost of a Little Anne manikin, a realistic adult manikin used when training people in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Performing CPR buys time and more than doubles the chances of survival for someone following a cardiac arrest.

£200 – Help find a cure

£200 could fund one of our young scientists for a whole day. We currently provide the salaries for around 500 post-doctoral scientists who work in research teams right across the UK on projects to better understand how to diagnose, prevent, treat and cure heart disease.

Our Heartstart schools training pack provides teachers with a specialised ELS package teaching children to do in a life-threatening emergency.

Continued research is vital to generate discoveries that can be used to design new or improved ways to treat heart disease. The current use of life saving treatments for heart attack patients such as clot-busting drugs to open up coronary blood vessels, and statins which can lower cholesterol is entirely due to previous laboratory research. The BHF provides over 50% of all UK cardiovascular research funding.

£600 – Fund a Heart Helpline Nurse for a week

£600 could help to fund a cardiac nurse working on the BHF Heart Helpline for a full week. Our cardiac nurses enable heart patients and their families to learn more about their heart condition and ways of managing it, to help them take Woman on phonecontrol of their own health.

£60,000 – Fund a research project for a year

£60,000 could fund the complete costs of a research project for a whole year, including salaries for research staff, funds for the equipment and laboratory materials needed for the project.

£100,000 – Fund a PhD student

£100,000 could fund a PhD student’s pay and experimental costs for three years: the BHF supports over 200 young scientists and clinicians across the UK in this way to start their career in cardiovascular research.

The BHF provides over 50% of all UK cardiovascular research funding.

How you can help

You can support our work and help beat heart disease by making a donation, fundraising or by taking part and raising funds on one of our bike rides, hikes, runsswims or overseas challenges.